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Dr. Daniel Nosyk

Dr. Daniel Nosyk is a General Dentist at Township Road Family Dental Centre. He was born and raised here in Leduc.

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Dr. Daniel Nosyk, Leduc General Dentist

Dr. Daniel Nosyk

General Dentist
 University of British Columbia

Sometimes, a bad break in life is just what the doctor ordered. Just ask Dr. Daniel Nosyk; two broken teeth in a Leduc school pointed him on his career path and introduced him to his lovely wife.

Let’s go back 20 years. The Leduc-born Dr. Nosyk was at school, playing trust-your-friend in gym class. The game involved a blindfold, instructions from a friend, and, in the painful end, a door and Dr. Nosyk’s broken two front teeth. He ended up in the chair of a Leduc dentist, and he was enthralled by what he saw.

"The dentist explained what he was doing as the procedure progressed. He showed me how he was doing things. I was fascinated by it.” The dentist put some composites on the fractures that were left behind by the awful incident and, decades later, they are still there! "It was then I started to think about being a dentist. I looked up to him.”

After several twists and turns involving studying science in such glamorous places as Sweden and Saskatoon, Dr. Nosyk ended up studying dentistry at the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver, where his future wife was a fellow student.

Dr. Nosyk loves being back home in Leduc. In 2016, he and his wife built a house in Leduc, not far from Dr. Nosyk’s parents. Dr. Nosyk, an avid fisherman and golfer, feels a great responsibility to the people of his long-time home. He loves making their smiles all they can be!

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