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We designed Township Road Family Dental Centre with one thing in mind- our patients! 


Our goal each and every day is to do our best for our patients. We strive to serve our patients with compassion, kindness, and professionalism in a warm and welcoming environment.


Dr. Nosyk grew up in Leduc and has seen it and the surrounding communities change dramatically over the years. He remembers riding his dirt bike from his backyard directly out into the surrounding fields on weekends with his friends. These former fields are now the sites of mature neighbourhoods- showing the exponential growth of Leduc.


Dr. Nosyk has always kept close to his roots and his memories of Leduc from when he was growing up. He wanted to choose a name and logo to pay homage to the history of Leduc and the surrounding communities. He wanted a name and logo that had a rustic, simple feel. This is how the name Township Road Family Dental Centre and the grain elevator in our logo came to be. 


Township Road Family Dental Centre opened its doors on February 26th, 2018. 


We are proud to call our clinic our dental “home” and we look forward to welcoming you to it.


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Daniel Nosyk
Caroline Cannon

Sometimes, a bad break in life is just what the doctor ordered. Just ask Dr. Daniel Nosyk; two broken teeth in a Leduc school pointed him on his career path and introduced him to his lovely wife.


Let’s go back 20 years. The Leduc-born Dr. Nosyk was at school, playing trust-your-friend in gym class. The game involved a blindfold, instructions from a friend, and, in the painful end, a door and Dr. Nosyk’s broken two front teeth. He ended up in the chair of a Leduc dentist, and he was enthralled by what he saw. "The dentist explained what he was doing as the procedure progressed. He showed me how he was doing things. I was really fascinated by it.” The dentist put some composites on the fractures that were left behind by the awful incident and, decades later, they are still there! "It was then I started to think about being a dentist. I really looked up to him.”


After several twists and turns involving studying science in such glamorous places as Sweden and Saskatoon, Dr. Nosyk ended up studying dentistry at the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver, where his future wife was a fellow student.

When a position popped up at TLC Family Dental Centre, it seemed like it was fate! His wife, Dr. Caroline Cannon, took that position while Dr. Nosyk worked in Morinville. He joined the Leduc dental family when TLC’s sister clinic opened, Oasis Family Dental Centre. In February 2018, Dr. Nosyk started working at Township Road Family Dental Centre.

Dr. Nosyk loves being back home in Leduc. In 2016, he and his wife built a house in Leduc, not far from Dr. Nosyk’s parents. 

Dr. Nosyk, an avid fisherman and golfer, feels a great responsibility to the people of his long-time home. He loves making their smiles all they can be!

Dr. Cannon grew up in Vancouver playing basketball and field hockey and was lucky enough to play for both Provincial Teams throughout high school.  She attended UBC where she studied Human Kinetics. From her love of sports, she thought Sports Medicine was the career for her.


Dr. Cannon was first exposed to the field of dentistry when her oldest sister graduated from UBC dental school in 2000.  As she learned more about dentistry from her sister, she decided to make the switch.  She attended dental school at UBC where she met her wonderful husband, Dr. Daniel Nosyk and they both graduated in 2011.


Her husband was born and raised in Leduc and soon beckoned them to return and join the Oasis and TLC Family Dental Centres’ teams.

“It’s great!  Everyone is really friendly and family-orientated.” Dr. Cannon says of the team and the patients alike.  She particularly enjoys working with children, taking time to make sure they get the special attention they often need.


Dr. Cannon has two French Bulldogs at home, D’Artagnan (the fourth Musketeer) and Grenouille (French for frog).  She loves her canines so much; you can’t know her without knowing about her two French bulldogs, her "babies". She loves all animals but has a special place in her heart for dogs. She is also a member of the French Bulldog Rescue Network. The network rescues rehabilitates and finds homes for the cuddly creatures when they are in need.


Dr. Cannon has previously worked at our TLC and Oasis locations since 2011 but now calls Township Road Family Dental Centre her “dental home”.

Dr. Kendra McCrea

Kendra McCrea

For Dr. Kendra McCrea, her journey towards being a dentist began at the age of 14 years old. The day she got her braces off was the day she realized how a beautiful smile can go a long way in terms of self-confidence, and she thought how special would it be to be able to provide that kind of feeling to others. She began her Bachelor of Science at Simon Fraser University in BC, studying Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology and minoring in Psychology. At the time, she also worked as a Tutor and Mentor for ESL students, a Research Assistant in a Behavioural Endocrinology Lab, and a Peer Health Educator. She then went on to study Dentistry at UBC in Vancouver. 


Dr. McCrea grew up in Vancouver playing all sorts of competitive sports, focusing mainly on volleyball and soccer. She still loves to stay active by playing indoor and outdoor volleyball, hiking, and skiing. She loves to travel, and has been all around the world including places such as Jamaica, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, Vietnam, Thailand, Ireland, Iceland and is now settling down in Edmonton! 


Dr. McCrea wants nothing more than to provide her patients with healthy, functional, and confident smiles. Patient centered care is of most importance to her and she couldn’t be happier to be working at Township Road Family Dental Centre with the wonderful staff and patients here. 


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